[ASC-list] 16-year-old student conducts science experiment; is expelled and arrested

Wilson wfdasilva at gmail.com
Mon May 6 13:28:10 UTC 2013

Dear ASCers,

I wanted to bring this to your attention.

Some of you may be as appalled as I am that Kiera Wilmot, a 16-year-old
high-school student in Florida who conducted a mildly explosive science
experiment near her school was, in response, expelled and then arrested by

This seems to me an extreme overreaction!

See the news reports here

     *Slate* - http://slate.me/YpDAsa

  *   National Post *- http://bit.ly/11NCtBg

There's been a bit of a viral response, and a petition calling on the local
school board to drop charges against Kiera Wilmot and re-enroll her in the
school has been created.

If you agree that this is an overreaction and would like to sign, here's
the link:

*Wilson da Silva*

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