[ASC-list] Perth: UWA Science Communication Friday Seminar

Nancy Longnecker nancy.longnecker at uwa.edu.au
Mon May 13 14:48:32 UTC 2013

The plight of pet fish - should we care?

The University of Western Australia
Science Communication Seminar Series
This Friday, our very own Miriam Sullivan will tell us everything we ever wanted to know about the plight of pet fish.

What would your pet fish would tell you if it could talk?

Have you ever owned a pet fish? What happened to it?

Chances are that your fish did not live as long as it should have. For example, goldfish should live to at least ten years and can grow up to 30cm in length!

Over 1.5 billion fish are sold worldwide every year, but we don’t really know what happens to them next. For my PhD research, I set out to convince people that they should take better care of their pet fish. In my seminar, I will talk about different beliefs held by successful and unsuccessful fish owners, the difference between men and women when it comes to fishkeeping and whether a short Youtube video can convince people to clean their tanks more often.

Semester 1 - 2013, Fridays 4 - 5pm
at the UWA Centre for Learning and Technology<http://blogspot.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=13668cc7a87872d08c05184a5&id=6cfc64b593&e=d9af47ed8c>
followed by drinks and nibbles. 

All welcome!

Next Week
We invite you to participate in a teaching and learning round table discussion with panel members: Penny Hawken, Nancy Longnecker, Miriam Sullivan, Joanne Castelli, Muza Gondwe.
The topic of discussion will be: Getting feedback from students and how to incorporate suggestions.

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