[ASC-list] Science-art performance 'Word Play' opens in Canberra!

Guy Micklethwait guy at micklethwait.org
Thu May 16 06:16:24 UTC 2013

Last night, a three-week season of the biosecurity audience-driven
performance piece opened at CSIRO Discovery.

Word Play was created by innovative Canberra performance group BoHo
Interactive as a result of their art-science residency with CSIRO.

*Something is wrong. In the last two years, a new disease has emerged that
is transmitted not by water, by air, by contact – but by speech. Language.
Via text messaging and email, telephone or video. This disease attacks
thought itself, undermining our ability to think critically and resist
other people's influence. This is an epidemic of harmful ideas and broken
logic. And it’s spreading!*

So runs the scenario Canberra theatre ensemble Boho developed for their new
immersive theatre experience, to be performed on-screen from across the

The audience are situated in the CSIRO Discovery Centre lecture theatre,
while the performers are live-streamed from a laboratory across the city
using a high-speed video broadband connection.

Using text messages and a purpose-built phone app, the audience are able to
interact directly with the performance, communicating with the performers
and controlling them through a series of live computer game sequences.

Word Play is a performance lecture exploring concepts from epidemiology, a
live cinema experience and a hands-on video game in the survival horror

Bring your phone. Tickets are only $20 each and can be purchased at the
door or online at:


Spread the word!


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