[ASC-list] Statins proving to be a good debate for the understanding of medical research

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Hi Susan,

Thanks for this. 

I also found a few of the ABC Health report programs on ‘statins’ etc,
particularly illuminating.

For example:




On 5/11/2013 2:10 pm, "Susan Kirk" <skirk at iprimus.com.au> wrote:

>As one who treats big Pharma with heavy scepticism; one with a history of
>familial hypercholesterolemia,and one that stopped taking statins over a
>year ago. I've been watching this debate with interest.   My CV risk has
>increased recently and I now have to make a decision about whether to
>continue taking this drug, more particularly whether it will reduce my
>and I believe the 'jury is still out.'
>But interestingly, the issues which began with a catalyst program
>http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/heartofthematter/ might be a large lesson
>all about the proper analyses of medical research and could be a bit of an
>eye opener, I believe, for the medical profession, who as Dr Ernest Curtis
>says, "tend to learn by route and are not critical thinkers." and quotes
>Plank (German Physicist) saying "new scientific theories are never adopted
>because the proponents of the old theories are brought around and see the
>light rather they have to die off and the next generation have to look at
>anew and that's true."  He can't understand why the medical profession
>accepted the pathological process of atherosclerosis.
>For those with a subscription to Medical Observer there has been some
>murmurings.  Before the airing they called for the ABC to stop the
>based on fears by the medical profession that patients will discontinue
>Then this: http://vitualis.com/?p=505 which looks at a more critical way
>deciding whether a patient (low risk) should be prescribed statins.  The
>outcome, no.  But seriously how much time does a Dr have to go through the
>Today we have this commentary
>with some comments that need closer analysis (sorry if I keep spelling
>word wrong) and interpretation. People will die.  Well I think that's at
>heart of the debate isn't it?  Apparently the statins don't stop you
>Then we have a statement about Aboriginal people?? Then Norman Swan, now
>respectfully, but really?  ³But nobody ever died of taking a statin, as
>as I¹m aware. But if you are at high risk of heart disease, and you throw
>away your statins and go back to a bad diet, you could die.²  Yes going
>to a bad diet is a def no no.  But what about this in the book The Great
>Cholesterol Con that states "the original statin cerivastatin was
>voluntarily withdrawn after killing rather too many people."
>Now back to me celebrations.....
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