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Charles Willock charlesw at cse.unsw.EDU.AU
Wed Nov 13 16:26:21 UTC 2013

Hi All,

   Short-term Fellowship at U Maryland.  For more information:


   Please contact Melissa Andreychek (below) if interested.


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The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) at the 
University of Maryland is excited to announce a new fellowship program 
intended to offer science communicators the opportunity to produce 
content informed by interactions with the diverse transdisciplinary 
research teams working at SESYNC.
We are currently accepting proposals for three-month fellowships from 
science communicators to carry out media-based projects about complex 
environmental problems.
Please share the attached flyer with interested potential candidates 
and direct them to http://sesync.us/comm for additional information.
PDF for printing: http://sesync.us/pdf
Thank you!
Melissa Andreychek
Communications Coordinator
The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)
mandreychek at sesync.org
(410) 919-4990


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