[ASC-list] Where's ASC headed? Was science or persuasion

Susan Kirk skirk at iprimus.com.au
Thu Nov 14 22:23:11 UTC 2013

I think Charles has a valid point..  ASC is beginning to look like
Food4media or TravMedia.

Maybe we should do what some other associations do and charge a premium for
these media release postings? They are after all advertising.  I think there
are other better places to get media release, AusSMC, Eureka, Google alerts
are a few of the places I subscribe and of course science direct topic

I personally would like to see more communication about communication on
this list.  I know you can take the horse to water etc. But why don't
members feel comfortable airing their bits on here?  So many times people
have responded to me off the list.  I feel like shouting.  Keep it on the

I would also like to see more communication from the executive on this list.
We haven't heard anything about the new website.  We keep employing scope
editors and the newsletter keeps flopping.  We keep talking about becoming
more professional but what's happening to our charter and code of ethics?

Members are not involved in any of the communications for any of the events
or funding or anything really, the only communication comes from those few
that can be bothered to raise questions or liaise on the list.

I repeat.  We can't operate in a vacuum.

Please don't email me off the list with your replies.  Keep it on the list.


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