[ASC-list] Where is the ASC headed and top 10 reasons

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The 2007 conference was held jointly with AMWA and the World Federation of Science Journalists and attracted 620 delegates. There were a few other spin out activities.

There's potential for ASC to do similar things in the future with PCST, WFSJ, and others. Of course the first ASC conference was held with the PCST in 1996.

However, the 2007 conference was also a large undertaking with a total budget in excess of $1.2 million. Some of us involved in it took some big personal financial risks for which we were compensated when the dollars came in post-event. Many others put in a great deal of time.  



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The 2007 conference did co-incide with a much larger international World Conference of Science Journalists didn't it?  Might explain why there was a bigger drawcard that year.  

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