[ASC-list] ASC National AGM reminder: 29 November and ASC Exec updates

Claire Harris claireharris.oz at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 06:13:59 UTC 2013

Hi ASC-list
Rod Lamberts and I wanted to take a few minutes to remind you of the
National AGM coming up on the 29 November:
http://www.asc.asn.au/blog/2013/10/31/official-notice-of-asc-agm-2013/ from
5pm at the Green Couch Room, Australian National Centre for the Public
Awareness of Science, ANU.

The Executive looks forward to presenting the full President and Treasurer
reports to you at the AGM and we welcome nominations for the President role
for 2014.

Please, if you are in Canberra, do attend. If you can't, please consider
sending a proxy vote as we need a quorum.

This is the time of year when the ASC formalises the Executive management
team for ASC for the coming period. This team must constitute a President,
Treasurer and Secretary as a minimum to keep the ASC alive. In 2013 we
oscillated between 6 and 3 Executive members due to illnesses and travel

We recently, at our Executive meeting Tuesday 12th November, reflected on
the achievements and workloads this year and made the recommendation for
the future President to build the Executive in 2014 to 7 members, the
maximum allowed under our constitution.

However, beyond Executive positions there are also many other ways to
contribute to the running of the ASC - including through the branches and
National Council as well as taking on particular projects. There is nothing
at all that precludes members who wish to assist and drive a project from
working on this project with guidance from the Executive.

2013 has been a good yet tumultuous year with Rod stepping down due to
illness and me taking on the role of Acting President, while also
maintaining my other ASC duties. These changes did not only take someone
out of the Executive but also out of the ASC conference organising and
program committees. This extra workload has been picked up by me, Kali
Madden, Jesse Shore and Nancy Longnecker, assisted by Will Grant, Pete
Wheeler, Sarah Lau and others.

Rod and I would like to thank everyone for their contributions to ASC this
year and going into the conference. We would particularly like to thank
Jesse Shore for his work as immediate Past President and for his
contribution to the conference (a role which he will thankfully continue
with until February).

Execs in 2012 and 2013 had good plans for recruiting a General Manager and,
as you may recall, we called for application and promoted the position
widely. We received moderate interest and in the end two applications from
strong individuals. Unfortunately, one needed to withdraw and the other
didn't apply for the position as it was structured and budgeted for.

Given the timing of this process, the upcoming conference (always a
financial risk in the beginning), the general economic state in the country
(including change of government), and additional administration this year,
we needed to revisit the ASC budget and reconsider how best to approach the
goals of the position.

The conclusion from the 2013 Exec (which will be considered and acted upon
as appropriate by the 2014 Exec) was that particular projects, such as
exploring partnerships and business development, would be sourced as
strategic projects when needed and practical to do so.

In both our opinions, the (volunteer) Executive has worked very hard this
year on critical activities.

There are key operational matters that the Executive has dealt with – many
behind the scenes – that are essential to the future operation of ASC.
These have included:

   - ensuring tax compliance and investigating our not-for-profit status
   - bringing insurance arrangements up to date to cover our structure and
   - developing new communication and information sharing tools for the
   Executive and National Council
   - recruiting for the ASC Communication team, including bringing on two
   outstanding candidates in the webmaster and Scope editor positions
   - maintaining a stable financial position.

Further, the Executive and key volunteers have undertaken major external
communication activities, including:

   - raising the profile of Australian Science Communicators (eg. through
   web and social media)
   - consulting members and non-members on the ‘professionalisation’ of ASC
   - further developing the platforms for our online community
   - maintaining relationships with Inspiring Australia, universities and
   other associated partners and delivered sci comm projects
   - working towards the national conference, ASC2014

And we have met every 1 or 2 months and also met with the National Council
every 3 months. Thanks to Sarah Lau for keeping us organised and on track
with discussions and actions.

We hope this provides some food for thought going into the AGM and beyond.

Kind regards,
Claire and Rod

Claire Harris

A/g President, Australian Science Communicators

ASC2014 Conference Organising and Program Committees

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