[ASC-list] Embracing technology

Susan Kirk skirk at iprimus.com.au
Mon Nov 18 02:10:59 UTC 2013

Just a couple of points.

The executive, the branch coordinators, the people who attend the conference
every year.  You're lucky.  You've developed relationships with your peers
because you've had the opportunity to work together.  This, on its own,
won't make an organisation prosper but its gives you a connection that
probably means you will renew your membership every year.

But for those members who may be financially or geographically challenged,
this is not a reality. While technology will not replace face to face
meetings, for those of us, like me, who can't get to branch meetings or
AGM's we need different interactions.  We need forums, lists, SKYPE, video,
and functioning websites, to help us feel a part of this organisation.  It
doesn't really matter what venue or media is used to have our say.  It just
matters that our input is valued. I too feel the same as lee:

"I absolutely did not expect people to be okay with criticism - no one likes
it, and we're all only human. But what I did expect was some actual
rationality and professionalism. What I, and the others who have commented,
have gotten instead is a disproportionate amount of issue dodging, changes
of subject, condescension, defensiveness and snark. Cut it out - it's not
deserved, appropriate or welcome."

And I would add I'm disappointed that it was taken as criticism instead of
member feedback.   

You will never convince me on the business model for the conference but I
guess I'm just going to have to agree to disagree here.  It seems a few
things are set in stone.  Which brings me to funding.  AusSMC seems to be
able to find a few nuggets in the government coffers to do some really
exciting and interesting things for its publics, and I see some of our
members also don't have any trouble finding a few themselves.  Why are we
not doing some serious grant writing? Is this a way to fund the next
conference? Sponsorship, what a novel ideal.  Yes that was sarcasm.  Sorry.

Can we please make sure that all of our input is put into an agenda for the
next AGM, particularly those suggestions put in the last email by Julian and
Kali.  Also the finalisation of the code of ethics.

Can we also get this AGM live so that we can have a voice.  This is another
area where I feel completely isolated.  Who is putting their hand up for
presidency?  Do we know?


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