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Not much better, but still. Thanks Will. :)


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Just to clarify so we don't have a confusion of dates, the election / AGM is
next week (29th November) not 'in a week'. 


I wouldn't want to add more fuel to this fire ;)



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Well, I honestly considered getting myself some popcorn and just sitting
back and watching.

Firstly, a huge thankyou to Kali Madden for providing some much needed
information and suggestions and delivering them in a calm and level-headed
manner (a talent I need to work on). Not that my assessment is needed or
important, but I'd say the holder of ASC's only paid position clearly
deserves the role.

Of the issues raised over the last 24 hours, the most important seems to me
to be: the election is in a week?!? And first notice of this was less than
three weeks ago? Does anyone think that's a decent notice period? Since
everyone likely to try for the position is busy with their actual lives and
work, are we really expecting them to have time to produce position
statements for perusal by members in good time before the election is held?
The media may have allowed Abbott to get away with releasing his position
statements the night before the election, but I thought that ought to
constitute a dire warning, not an example to be emulated.

Seriously, a week?

I assume the executive were too busy - fair enough; as has been pointed out,
they are volunteers with lives of their own. What caused the busyness? Could
it be organising the conference? No, I hope not - that irony would just be
too rich.

Lee Harrison

Mobile Science Education


0430 588 757 or (08) 8395 9586

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info at mobilescienceeducation.com.au


PO Box 556, Ingle Farm, SA 5098

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