[ASC-list] Past, present and future of ASC

Jess Tyler jessyorta at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 05:42:32 UTC 2013

I love the idea of interest-based groupings. There is no reason geography
can't play a role, but ongoing day to day interactions would be great on
Skype and Google.

Jess Tyler
SciBiz Media & Communications
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On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 4:34 PM, Ward, Wesley <WWard at csu.edu.au> wrote:

> Hi, as a long-term ASC member, occasional ASC conference goer and very
> regional member (Albury - are we in NSW or Victoria anyway?), I would agree
> with more interest based SIGs rather than geographic basis. I am a science
> communication PhD student/researcher and an organisational communicator -
> and comparatively isolated - so this would better suit my situation, and
> might widen membership outside the cities, where a lot of science is done.
> So, are any other members in the same boat? Time to talk!
> Cheers, Wes Ward
> CSU Media and PhD trekker
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> Hi again,
> Like Merryn, I have experience of SIGs within Museums Australia (I'm one
> of the people keeping the Evaluation and Visitor Research Network going).
> I'm also President of the SA Branch for my sins (see why I usually take a
> back seat with ASC? ;) )
> Looking at how the discussion is unfolding, I'm starting to wonder whether
> geography (ie. state branches) is necessarily the best way to organise such
> a diverse group as ASC, particularly in the era of Skype, Wikis and Google
> Hangouts. Geography-based branches are starting to feel like the legacy of
> a bygone era.
> This is not to denigrate what happens at state level by any means. But in
> my experience of comparable organisations, it does kind of build up the
> assumption that "something", usually event-focused, needs to happen in each
> state for people who happen to be there to feel like they're getting a
> slice of the action. And events are time consuming and increasingly costly
> to organise (unless you have a tame venue provider who can offer you space
> for free or as good as). Also, smaller states are always going to struggle
> to 'compete' (not quite the right word,
> sorry) with those that have larger memberships and so can put more things
> on. Then of course there are the members based outside of capital cities.
> ASC is a big tent and grouping people by geography seems a bit arbitrary
> when shared interest might be a better way of doing it. This would be a
> longer-term decision than for next week's AGM, but maybe ASC might want to
> entertain the prospect of de-emphasising a state-based branch structure and
> building more activity around groups with shared interest such as SIGs.
> Just putting it out there . . .
> Regan
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