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Another ex-member, shred by request. And may I add a strong "me f@*%$$#
too!" to point 2.

Thanks Magdeline. 

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Hi Lee,

Could you also share this to the ASC list. My membership has lapsed but my
answer to the question you pose as to why some members leave may contribute
to the current discussion that is going on. Consider it my "exit interview".

I am a former ASC member and previously held WA Committee positions and have
met numerous wonderful science communicators while being involved with ASC.
However I chose to let my membership lapse some months ago when the reminder

The reasons were the following and in order of importance.

1. I held grave concerns when it came to the Code of Ethics and felt the
discussion on the list to either be rushed and not well thought out given
the breadth and depth of roles people are employed in, particularly with
Point 10.

"10. Not permit personal interest, belief, payment, persuasion of coercion
to undermine our commitment to truthfulness, fairness, balance or
professional integrity in communicating science."

I have held no paid or voluntary position in which there was a neutral or
objective viewpoint on science and have always had a message to sell in line
with the organisation's corporate image. There seemed to be no thought to
this or any discussion on how inappropriate bias would be decided and by

2. My experience in science communication spans several areas and I am going
to be brutal. While I have met many people via ASC, I belong to other
professional bodies that I feel represent my needs better. My current focus
in science communication is education and outreach. As an educator, I no
longer feel welcomed in the science communication community especially when
working to attain a teaching qualification as much of the discussion is
blaming the education system, (be it primary or secondary), for not
switching students to science. Rarely are there mentions of best practices.

3. I have moved well outside of the metropolitan area. Out where I am, the
only interactions with science communicators are either with an editor of a
science publication via email when the internet connection works or when a
science outreach organisation arrives in town to remind the folk that
science is out there.

Magdeline Lum

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