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Ian ianw2 at exemail.com.au
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In response to your enthusiasm Sarah (and to others, no doubt), I would
point out that most "social media" are actually businesses, that make their
money by classifying you and then selling your meta-data (if not your actual
content) to advertisers etc..

I am happy for discussions etc. to stay within the "old fashioned" ASC list.

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Hi everyone, A quick few lines of input from me. 

Social media is the perfect way for groups and individuals to pursue
discussion lines. Unlike email, social media facilitates following separate
threads of discussion and encourages brevity. I love it for these reasons. 

I know Facebook and twitter can feel intimidating if you're not a regular
user, but I'd strongly encourage everyone to give them a go - properly - and
see what you can get out of it. 

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