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HealthHack: faster, better cures - one data viz at a
Oct 25-27, Melbourne

HealthHack is a weekend data hack dedicated to problems that medical
researchers face. Scientists often create vast amounts of data, but don’t
always have good ways to analyse, visualise and communicate it. This
weekend will bring together software developers, user experience designers,
data analysts and visualisers working directly with researchers to create
new, better tools.

*Are you a medical researcher? Would you like to be involved?*
Please get in touch! We are looking for medical research scientists to
bring their existing data and/or IT problems to be part of the event.
will work with teams to shape solutions, or act as data mentors without
necessarily having aims in mind. In the case of GovHack, a weekend datahack
of government data, there were no specific problems to solve - the data was
simply available, which resulted in some stunning visualisations.

*Example problems of medical researchers:
*- I use multiple online data sets to search for genetic and epigenetic
variations of a certain type, but I don't have a good way of knowing when I
have looked at all the available information. I'd like an intuitive search
panel that allows me to select exactly what I need, and report back all the
relevant results
- I generate vast quantities of data; I would like a visualisation panel
that lets me quickly and easily compare multiple data sets against each
- I regularly search for information about disease occurrence; I'd like a
tool that reports on aspects of previous research, e.g. statistical
significance, number of patients, number of trials.

*Here are some of the results of GovHack 2013, *a similar data hack using
government data*:
*- Unlockd, a new platform for automatically loading and visualising
government data normally hidden in PDFs and spreadsheets
- 3DZed, immersive 3D data visualisations
- Deathmatch, a game of risk analysis using ABS data of leading causes of
- TransMap, showing where & how people in regional NSW travel
- Links to all the winning entries: http://www.govhack.org/2013-winners/

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