[ASC-list] Science Media Space: 3-week online course on social media

Kristin Alford kristin at bridge8.com.au
Tue Oct 8 08:06:23 UTC 2013

New course modules are launching for Science Media Space in October and

Science Media Space is for scientists to learn how to maximise their use of
social media. The course delivers 10 modules over 3 weeks, showing
scientists how they can use a range of social media tools and practices more
effectively to maximise their interactions with the broader public. We will
be holding online social media training for Australian and overseas
scientists in late October (28 Oct - 15 Nov). And there will also be a
pre-festive December course (2- 20 December).

Course modules address topics such as why social media is important, how to
write good tweets, Facebook posts and blogs, how to overcome bloggers¹
block, guidelines for social media interaction and how to create the
ultimate online profile. Scientists can study from home, the office or the
lab and activities are completed in our dedicated forum. Daily feedback on
modules and activities will be given by us at Bridge8  and Econnect

Here¹s what some of our past participants have had to say:
* The activities and modules were great and moved at a comfortable and
logical pace. When I was unsure on how to complete an activity it was great
to read an example as well as any already completed by other participants.
* The help and feedback in this course was great. It¹s nice to do a course
where you actually get a reply quite quickly to questions.
* Having a Œsafe space¹ to practice blogging was really key for me.

We¹d encourage you to share with your professional networks and encourage
scientists not on social media to give it a try. More experience scientists
will also benefit from tips and tricks. Or register yourself! Register at
http://sciencemediaspace.com.au/ for these upcoming courses or to be
included on our mailing list.

Kind regards,
Kristin Alford (Bridge8) & Robbie Mitchell (Econnect Communication)
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