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Lisa Bailey LBailey at riaus.org.au
Wed Oct 9 23:16:10 UTC 2013

This may be of interest to ASCers....

RiAus is hosting World Vasectomy Day<http://riaus.org.au/events/world-vasectomy-day-2013/> next week as part of the Adelaide Festival of Ideas.  Great minds will gather to weigh in on this global conversation, and to participate in the largest male family planning event ever attempted.
On October 18th this global event aims reduce our collective carbon footprint by millions of metric tons while inspiring a conversation about sexuality, male responsibility for family planning and of course the complex issues of population on the planet.
100 doctors performing 1,000 vasectomies throughout 25 countries.  The flagship event is in Adelaide, where 17 volunteers will undergo a vasectomy live onstage by arguably the world's most prolific vasectomist-  Dr Doug Stein, subject of the film The Vasectomist, premiering at the Adelaide Film Festival.   He will be joined by renowned thinkers, academics and activists to debate the future of our planet, including renowned biologist and educator Prof Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb.
The day will be livestreamed online, and hosted by RiAus Director Dr Paul Willis.
Booking information for tickets:

Session 1: Nuts and Bolts<http://riaus.org.au/events/wvd2013-nuts-and-bolts/>   1-2.30pm What is a no-scalpel vasectomy? This 15 minute procedure will knock your jocks off.

Session 2: To snip or not to snip<http://riaus.org.au/events/wvd2013-to-snip-or-not-to-snip/> 3-4.30pm mythbusting - we'll tackle the social stigma and fears associated with vasectomies, and how this varies around the world.

Session 3: Politics of population<https://wvd2013-politics-of-population.eventbrite.com.au/> 5.30-7.00pm 7 billion people and counting- can vasectomies stem population growth? Is it naïve to think we can cap the population? Our experts will explore human sustainability, featuring Paul Ehrlich, best-selling author of The Population Bomb.

Livestream information: www.riaus.org.au/livestreaming<http://www.riaus.org.au/livestreaming> from 1pm Central Australian Daylight Savings time.

Dr Lisa Bailey
Programs Manager

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