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It is a very good collection of tips, and perhaps worth gathering all together as a brief article in SCOPE.  Someone already mentioned it, but the most effective for me is changing style and size of font. The eye/mind gets used to seeing similar displays and skates over them (remember that optical illusion of PARIS IN THE THE SPRING). Make them unfamiliar (ditto changing room etc) and it treats them as new, locking on to faults.

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Really useful tips everyone, seems like moving around paragraphs and reading out loud is the best way to go, as to remove yourself from piece of writing and focus just on the words.

While I am at it, any advice on best style guides - particularly English (Australian).

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I try to do these things when proofreading large documents

  *   Resist the urge to file work quickly and check as many times as is needed
  *   Proofread section in one sitting (usually hard copy) in a quiet place during the time of the day when you are most alert
  *   Look at different elements (captions, images, grammar, document style) in further readings (electronic version can be helpful)
  *   Be consistent with spelling of words (American/English) - a style guide is helpful
  *   Maintain drafts of proofed versions after document is published, so if errors are picked up later you can trace the source of the problem (graphic designer, you, other person)
  *   Ask colleague to proof document
  *   I don't do this but others swear by this, reading documents backwards to pick up typos
  *   If you do pick up errors after you publish your work, correct the electronic file where ever possible


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Here's a few things I teach (and sometimes do).
Give it time (so finish it early).
Change the font and make it slightly larger, then print it out.
Read it in a different room then where you wrote it, or outside, or in a cafe.
Read it out loud.

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Dear ASCers,

I am going to be honest and say I have a weakness - proofreading my own writing. I can read it over and over but miss a typo every time.

Practice makes perfect right?

Well, I am sending this email to seek advice from those who may have had similar problems and ask what tips you may have in checking the nitty gritty details of your writing before it goes live?

I've done the courses, read the books and asked colleagues to proofread but sometimes the ideas of others can really help.

I hope this could also make for a useful discussion for those who may have similar issues.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I hope this email has no typos :-P

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