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Sun Oct 20 23:13:06 UTC 2013

Hi everyone

You’ve heard about Ologism, so what’s all the excitement about? Check out Australia’s first science-inspired rock show (and Unlocking Australia’s Potential grant recipient) in an unusual setting.

Ologism is playing a gig in one of Australia’s best loved arts festivals – the Nati Frinj. Here are 6 reasons why you should be there on 2nd November.

1.    1. Get out of the city and enjoy regional Victoria. It’s Melbourne Cup weekend, so make a long weekend of it – there’s something for everyone - nice wineries, lovely bushland, great rock climbing, sheep . . .

2.    2. Have a bucket of fun at the fabulous Nati Frinj, a great community arts festival. With a genuine grassroots commitment, Nati Frinj is eclectic, energetic and welcoming.

3.    3. Rock out. Ologism embrace a diverse range of original music, with genres ranging across rock, pop, soul, blues and punk, as well as surprising and fun demonstrations.

4.    4. Grab the band after the gig to discuss creative approaches to science engagement and the evaluation thereof (or not, you’re on holidays right?) Of course if you do discuss science engagement, maybe the trip will be tax deductible (it’s not like it’s a wedding . . .)

5.    5. When Nati Frinj and Ologism are famous, you’ll be able to say you were into them before they were famous (so post-hipster).

6.    6. The show is free and drinks at the Naitmuk Bowls club are cheap and plentiful.

For more information, go to http://actnatimuk.com/nati-frinj/2013-nati-frinj-biennale/ologism or check out the Nati Frinj program here: http://media.actnatimuk.com.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/LOWRESProgram.pdf .

You can also check out the Ologism website, at www.ologism.com<http://www.ologism.com> .

Chris KP and Ologism

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