[ASC-list] ASC2014 Session Producers (and Presenters) hard at work for Thursday

Kali Madden office at asc.asn.au
Wed Oct 23 00:21:06 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Thanks for all the updates and responses. Due to your efforts we are likely
to have a very tasty conference program about a week from now.

To help out those who are especially busy just now and may be drowning in
masses of emails, please find below a submission guide for busy people.


*When to submit remaining (or revised) items:*

All final presentation abstracts, session blurbs, photos and biographies
are due tomorrow, 24th October.

Full papers for peer review are due next Thursday, 31st October.

All print ready full papers (peer reviewed or not) are due by Sunday 1st

Keep an eye on important dates here: http://www.ascconference.asn.au/

*Where to submit remaining (or revised) items:*

Your access to all things related to your session and paper submissions is
here: http://www.ascconference.asn.au/index.php/speakers

If you have forgotten your access key you can retrieve it from here:

*What to submit:

*Session Producers*

*Many sessions, events, and fun activities have been made possible by you,
and many speakers and other talent are being invited, confirmed and
coordinated by you. Thank you!*

For each accepted session proposal (as per draft program circulated
previously - contact me if you'd like another copy) please submit:

1. Session blurb for publishing in handbook, online and elsewhere

For each speaker/presenter/facilitator/host/chair/any other body who is
involved in making your session a reality please submit:

1. A high resolution photograph
2. A biography

Note that some speakers will be in several sessions and may have already
submitted a bio and photo in another session. If this is the case just note


*So many amazing case studies, research and other papers have been
submitted that really demonstrate science communication today. We are keen
to encourage pre-conference engagement in your topics if this is of
interest to you, else wait to hear more in your sessions. We look forward
to having a really diverse inaugural conference proceedings thanks to you.

For each accepted abstract/paper (as per draft program circulated
previously - contact me if you'd like another copy) please submit:

1. Final abstract for publishing in proceedings, handbook, online and
elsewhere (no need to resubmit if your previous version was already final)
2. A high resolution photograph
3. A biography

Note that you need only submit a bio and photo once.

Please don't hesitate to contact program.comittee at asc.asn.au for all
program related matters and asc2014 at eventcorp.com.au for all registration
related matters.

Have I missed anything?

Best regards,


On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 5:57 PM, Kali Madden <office at asc.asn.au> wrote:

> Dear ASC-List Intending Session Producers and Presenters,
> Thank you for your enthusiastic and expert involvement in our upcoming
> conference.
> Wow.
> I am already conflicted about the sessions I am going to miss due to all
> the excellent concurrent sessions planned.
> I suspect this is a not uncommon (and not entirely unwelcome) complaint
> and shows how much great stuff we have going on as a discipline around
> Australia.
> If anybody would like to support us by sponsoring filming or podcasting of
> the sessions to reduce the pain of missing out then we would *love* to hear
> from you!
> A quick reminder that final sessions, abstracts and confirmed speaker
> biographies and photos are due on Thursday.
> All of these get compiled into a conference handbook and on the web.
> Conference proceedings are being treated separately and I believe you will
> hear from our Editor shortly about those.
> **NOTE: We made a mistake this time and forgot to ask you to prepare your
> promotional *session blurb* along with your session plans. The blurb is
> what sells your event to delegates and tells them whether or not it is
> suitable for them to attend. **
> To see examples of session blurbs in previous conferences feel free to
> email me for a copy of a program handbook from our 2007, 2010 or 2012
> conferences to whet your appetite for crafting your own.
> Our program committee has spoken to many of you but perhaps not *all* of
> you, so if you have any concerns about the deadline this Thursday, or about
> re-working your session to fit in to a reduced time slot please let us know
> so that we can work with you for the best result possible.
> Email program.committee at asc.asn.au with any program planning concerns,
> comments or questions.
> Looking forward to a fabulous 20th anniversary ASC event in February that
> showcases the best of science communication today... and that means you
> guys!
> Many thanks,
> Kali
> --
> Kali Madden
> Executive Officer, Australian Science Communicators
> & ASC Conference Director 2012, 2010
> office at asc.asn.au
> http://www.asc.asn.au/


Kali Madden

Executive Officer, Australian Science Communicators

& ASC Conference Director 2012, 2010

office at asc.asn.au
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