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InterGrain Media Release - October 31, 2013


Harper Helps Wheat Growers Farm Today for Tomorrow


East Hyden wheat growers Craig and Catherine Mayfield farm today for


With a 5300 hectare 2013 cropping program at 'Minyaka', an aboriginal word
meaning tomorrow, including 2350ha of wheat, the Mayfields think sustainably
for tomorrow, but select varieties that do the job today.


In other words, according to Craig, they look for long season wheats which
can be dry sown early and which ultimately yield well at the business end of
the season.


"This is where I see a good fit for the new InterGrain APW wheat, trialled
here as IGW3170, but officially launched today as Harper, because it gets
away well, with good early vigour.


"And on the 20 hectares of Harper we sowed this year adjacent to Yitpi, a
long time favoured variety here at 'Minyaka', Harper appears to have
outyielded its neighbour and, on the way through, it's offered us superior
disease resistance," Mr Mayfield said.


Importantly, Harper has also been commended by six different grower groups
who have visited 'Minyaka' throughout Harper's growing season.


"Harper received a lot of positive grower comments and, after all, that's
what it's all about.


"A cereal breeding company such as InterGrain relies on grower endorsements,
because while their breeders can get the genetics right and they put the
polish on the agronomic package, it's growers like us, out in the field, who
ultimately invest in the variety and then, hopefully, enjoy the reward at
the business end of the season via satisfactory profit margins.


"At this early stage, it seems InterGrain's Harper will tick all the boxes,"
Mr Mayfield said.

Comparing Harper to the adjacent Yitpi crop, he summed up Harper's
advantages as:


*         No stem rust on Harper, but stem rust on Yitpi.

*         Harper showed slightly better resistance to Yellow Spot.

*         Harper heads a little taller than Yitpi.


Releasing Harper today as a new APW wheat for Western Australia, InterGrain
Marketing Manager Ash Brooks said it was bred by the InterGrain wheat
breeding team, headed by Robin Wilson and Chris Moore, from Yitpi and
Stylet, a high yielding Spear type.


'Harper has the potential to sustain its physical grain quality with good
grain size and hectolitre weights," Ms Brooks said.


"It also has similar sprouting and blackpoint tolerance to Yitpi.


"InterGrain trials show that Harper is ideal when growers need to take
advantage of early to mid season sowing opportunities and it also performs
well when things get tough with sharp spring finishes.


"Harper also complements other mid to shorter season wheat varieties in
growers' programs, such as Mace, Wyalkatchem and Emu Rock," she said.


Harper seed is available from registered InterGrain Seedclub members or
local resellers.


For further information and details on Harper and its availability, growers
are invited to contact InterGrain WA Territory Manager, David Meharry,
Mobile 0427 855 059 or visit the website  <http://www.intergrain.com>

 <http://www.intergrain.com> www.intergrain.com


Authorised by InterGrain and issued on its behalf by Brendon Cant of BCA PR,
Mob 0417 930 536.

For more information, contact: Ash Brooks, Marketing Manager, InterGrain,
Mob 0488 488 904.


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