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This may be of interest given the recent discussions on the future role of ASC.  

Recent report by the Australasian Society of Association Executives:

Associations Matter: 2013 Research Results


>From their website:

The key findings from the survey are presented below

    -A stable or increasing demand for professional associations is predicted by an overwhelming majority of members. This is good news! Find out why in the Associations Matter Study results.
    -Members join for access to the latest industry news and information - they want their association to be the leading authoritative source of information about their profession.  How do members want to receive their information? The findings indicate wide differences in preferences.
    -While personal ('good for me') benefits like being kept up to date with the latest information and professional development are the most important functions members seek from their association, they also highly value the advocacy services provided.  But how well do associations perform these functions?  And what would members like to see improved?
    -Age, but more importantly career stage, plays a big part in how members want to receive information and interact with their association and other members. Members have many suggestions as to how communications could be improved!
    -Cost pressures are the #1 issue facing members. Keeping up with information and technology are also presenting challenges. And approximately one third of members identify protection of the industry reputation as a major challenge. How can associations assist with these challenges?

Where to from here?
It is clear from the findings that what worked in the past will not necessarily work in the future. A definite need for clear segmentation in the way professional associations deliver their services is evident from the findings. 'One size does not fit all' is a dominant message throughout the results.

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