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Joanna Wilson joanna at amsi.org.au
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Dear ASC members

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, in conjunction with its members, is running the following events during September and October in NSW, SA and VIC.  We look forward to seeing you at these events.

**MPE Public Lecture - Act Beyond Borders

Speaker: Professor Hiroaki Kitano, President and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories and President of the Systems Biology Institute, Tokyo

MELBOURNE - 6pm  - 7pm on 7 October 2013 at RMIT

SYDNEY - 5pm - 6pm Robot soccer match & showcase; 6pm - 7pm Public Lecture on 10 October 2013 at UNSW

For more information & to reserve your seat: www.amsi.org.au/kitano<http://www.amsi.org.au/kitano>


In the same way that systems biology uses mathematics to model biological systems, mathematics can help us understand economic systems, climate change, medicine, and design intelligent systems which respond to unpredictable environments.

In this talk Prof. Kitano will introduce a number of his projects including the international robot soccer tournament RoboCup; the deployment of open energy systems in Africa; and how computational models are impacting drug discovery. He will also explain how mathematics is the key to healthcare and global sustainability, and why it should feed into strategic and policy decisions.

**AMSI-ANZIAM Lecturer 2013

Professor Stephen Boyd, Samsung Professor of Engineering, & Professor of Electrical Engineering in the Information Systems Laboratory at Stanford University will visit Australia as the 2013 AMSI-ANZIAM Lecturer from 18 September to 4 October 2013.

He will give specialist talks and public lectures around Australia and as well as a plenary talk at the AustMS conference.

ADELAIDE - Public Lecture:  The Role of Embedded Optimization in Smart Systems and Products
6pm at Horace Lamb Lecture Theatre, North Terrace campus

MELBOURNE  - Public Lecture: The Role of Embedded Optimization in Smart Systems and Products
5pm at South One Lecture Theatre, Monash University Clayton Campus

Register attendance at:  https://community.monash.edu.au/maxima

For full tour information including specialist seminars:    www.amsi.org.au/boyd.php<http://www.amsi.org.au/boyd.php>


Many current products and systems employ sophisticated mathematical algorithms to automatically make complex decisions, or take action, in real-time. Examples include recommendation engines, search engines, spam filters, on-line advertising systems, fraud detection systems, automated trading  engines, revenue management systems, supply chain systems, automatic  circuit synthesis and layout tools, electricity generator scheduling,  flight management systems, and advanced engine controls. Prof. Boyd will cover the basic ideas behind these and other applications, emphasizing the central role of mathematical optimization and the associated areas of machine learning and automatic control. The talk will be nontechnical, but the focus will be on understanding the central issues that come up across many applications, such as the  development or learning of mathematical models, the role of uncertainty, the idea of feedback or recourse, and computational complexity.

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