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Niraj Lal niraj.lal at anu.edu.au
Thu Apr 3 20:43:21 UTC 2014

Friends, scientists, earthlings,

Lend us your eyeballs! And possibly your vocal chords...

Do you have a burning, aching, perhaps even bruising desire to 
communicate science? Do you long to break the shackles of science news 
reporting? To cut the red tape of grant proposal requirements? To eschew 
the formulae of science press releases?

Well then have we got the thing for you!

Hamish Clarke and I are recording short, snappy pieces of clear and 
simple science --> http://tinyurl.com/hungrysciencebeast

Robyn Williams even played them on the Science Show!  Which we know is 
small peanuts for many on this list, but we're super chuffed:

And now we're looking for like minded souls...
If you'd like to join us, send a clip of some simple science or drop us 
a line.


- Nij and Hamish

_Not yet asked but possibly future Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Hungry Science Beast_?
The ABC's Hungry Beast was created by Andrew Denton with the simple 
remit to "tell us something we don't know".  Hungry Science Beast does 
this with science things, on the radio.

_Why is Hungry Science Beast?__
_The science world is awash with news of fantastic cutting-edge 
research.  This is massively important, but the level of public 
scientific understanding is often a few orders of magnitude behind the 
advances at the frontier.  How can we change this? By explaining simple 
science things.  Getting the info out there that the universe is 
insanely amazing, but understandable also... There are bucket loads of 
ways to do this - but we reckon simple clips through radio is a good 
place to start.

_Where will Hungry Science Beast go?
_Out on radio. Robyn was lovely enough to play us on his ABC show with 
the possibility of future clips.  Hamish and I get stuck into community 
radio in Sydney and Canberra.

_You're just some more goddamn keen bean science communicators wanting 
to spruik what they do_


Dr Niraj Lal <https://researchers.anu.edu.au/researchers/lal-nn>
Australian Renewable Energy Agency Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems, RSISE
Australian National University
p: +61 2 6125 7450 <tel:%2B61%202%206125%207450>


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