[ASC-list] Tomorrow is SCOMBOMB day

Lamberts Rod rod.lamberts at anu.edu.au
Wed Apr 23 01:31:44 UTC 2014

What’s better than the ANZAC day holiday this friday?

Watching ScomBomb on Thursday afternoon first!

Our ANZAC special features nothing to do with wars or the military.

Rodneyrick an Billhelm,

***the spiel***

Since its humble beginnings in London during the blitz, no question that has plagued us at ScomBomb more than this: “what do people who quit materials engineering PhDs end up doing with their lives?”.

We’ve all been there…

Well, we’ve finally decided enough is enough. No more sleepless nights being vexed, nayplagued, by this burning question. At ScomBomb, we are nothing if not people who occasionally take action.

So we went out and surveyed a sample of between 1 and 100 relevant people* and it turns out 100% of them they become highly successful ABC Radio National hosts called Natasha Mitchell.

These person end up hosting world-famous radio shows like “All in the Mind” and “Life Matters”. They are paid to talk about science & culture, they get to interview the Dalai Lama, and they even get to visit neighbouring planets in huge spaceships. How awesome is that!

If you want to know which bits of the above are not entirely true, join us this week as we flip things around and turn the interviewer into the interviewee. That is, until Natasha becomes tired of our amateur theatrics and starts asking us questions instead.

*actual n=1


Dr RG Lamberts

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Australian National Centre for Public Awareness of Science (CPAS)

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