[ASC-list] WA: Twitter training for beginners

Emma Donnelly E.Donnelly at curtin.edu.au
Wed Apr 30 07:25:19 UTC 2014

Reminder, this is on next week in Western Australia if anyone is interested.

Kind regards

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Date: Wednesday, 16 April 2014 1:47 pm
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Subject: WA: Twitter training for beginners

For anyone who wants to know how to use twitter, but doesn't know where to begin.

Science is moving at a rapid pace and it's often difficult to keep up with all that's going on, especially those that are time-poor. During these hands-on sessions we'll explore twitter (starting from the very basics) and show you how it can help you feed your inner scientist while saving you time. Spend only 5 minutes a day keeping up with the latest science!

As science communicators, educators and advocates, staying in touch, interested and excited about science is a must, otherwise how can we enthuse our next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians?

By the end of these two workshops you'll be signed up, savvy and ready to launch into science using social media.

Session 1: 7 May 2014, 5pm to 7pm
Session 2: 14 May 2014, 5pm to 7pm
Course cost: $45.00
Register expression of interest: http://curtintweachersmay14.eventbrite.com.au<http://curtintweachersmay14.eventbrite.com.au/>
Questions? Contact Emma on 9266 1021 or e.donnelly at curtin.edu.au<mailto:e.donnelly at curtin.edu.au>

Emma Donnelly

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Postal address | GPO Box U1987, Perth, Western Australia, 6845

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