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Wed Aug 13 12:12:08 UTC 2014

To celebrate National Science Week, the Australian Science Communicators
(Queensland) are pleased to present “The Future of Food”.

Join us for a fantastic evening as we reflect on the food of the past and
discuss how science and technology have brought us to a world filled with
food selfies, sous-vide, and fat-free fads. Take part in the discussion on
what the future of food will be—whether it's locally produced, cooked at
home, or consumed on the run as a nutrient-rich goop.

Hosted by journalist and radio personality Natalie Bochenski, this
interactive event will feature a panel of mouth-watering experts.

When: 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Wednesday, 20th August 2014.

Where: The Railroom, Iceworks Restaurant, Paddington, Queensland.

Tickets: $11 (includes 1 free drink). Food platters will be provided and
additional drinks will be available at the bar.


The Panel

A/Prof Jason Stokes <http://researchers.uq.edu.au/researcher/2084>
The University of Queensland
Jason Stokes is an Associate Professor at the UQ School of Chemical
Engineering. He spent 10 years (1999 – 2008) as a research scientist at
Unilever’s corporate research laboratory in the United Kingdom, and joined
The University of Queensland in October 2008.

Jason’s research looks how the structure of food influences how it feels in
your mouth, its flavour, and its stability. This is important in the design
and manufacture of food and other consumer products so that they have
superior nutritional properties, such as lower fat, salt and sugar content,
while still maintaining a great taste and smell.

Dr Jaz Choi <http://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/choih/>
Queensland University of Technology
Dr Jaz Hee-Jeong Choi is the Deputy Director of the Urban Informatics
Research Lab and an Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow
(Industry) in the School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty at
Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She is also the founder and
acting chair of FoodCHI, a global food and computer-human interaction
research network as part of ACM SIGCHI.

Jaz is currently working with educational, industry, and government
partners to explore designing and developing playful technologies to
cultivate sustainable food culture in urban environments.

Dr Joel Gilmore <http://joelgilmore.com/>
ROAM Consulting
Dr Joel Gilmore completed a PhD in physics at the University of Queensland,
and then spent two years as a full time science communicator, doing public
lectures, radio and television appearances. In 2008, he joined ROAM
Consulting where he is now the Principal of the Renewable Energy & Climate
Policy team, providing advice to industry and government on transitioning
Australia to a low emissions future.

Additionally, however, as a great lover of cooking (and even more so of
eating) Joel is fascinated by applying his physics background to
understanding food and cooking. Joel has presented to sold out public
lectures, run a stall on food science at the Queensland Museum, and was
featured talking abut food science on Catalyst. He is excited by how
science can help us understand how we cook—and how we can cook better!

Supported by National Science Week & Inspiring Australia.
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