[ASC-list] [ACT event] Sci com stars at the AGM

Philip Dooley phildooley at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 10:19:37 UTC 2014

A momentous alignment of the stars, in Canberra, this Friday. The
stars of sci-comm, that is... the ASC National Committee, all here for
the AGM - all of them!!

It's a rare conjunction, so the ACT committee invites you to help us
take advantage of the situation. We're going to pump them for
information; squeeze inspiration from them.

Following the 6 pm AGM we'll ask them to share their highlights and
lowlights, inspirations and learning moments from 2014. Gold dust,
that is!

And it's free, and there will be turkish pizza and drinkies

Be there!

Register here for catering purposes:


(details of AGM pasted below)

Dr Phil Dooley
Science writer and presenter
Chair, ASC ACT Branch
E: phildooley at gmail.com
P: 0414 94 55 77

UPDATE: Australian Science Communicators’ Annual General Meeting

When: Friday 5 December 2014, 6.00pm
Where: Physics Link Building, Building 38A at ANU (Ground Floor)
RSVP: Process to RSVP to be advised.
Cost: free for ASC members (only currently financial ASC members are
eligible to attend the AGM)

Presidential Nomination

I am pleased to announce Associate Professor Joan Leach, from the
University of Queensland and current ASC President, has been nominated
for the role of ASC President in 2015.


Members unable to attend the AGM in person are able to give proxies to
other members attending the meeting. This means that unless members
are at the physical meeting in Canberra, you will need to designate a
proxy to vote.

To designate your proxy:

Download and complete the proxy form, and ensure a copy of this form
is with your proxy to take to the AGM (Appointment of Proxy 2014) –
also attached as a PDF

Check one box only for the proposed Constitutional amendment
If you do not provide voting instructions in these sections, you
authorise the proxy holder to decide how the proxy will vote
Notify the National Secretary, Sarah Lau (slau at chemcentre.wa.gov.au) –
this must be done or the proxy and vote is not considered valid
Ensure that the proxy form is completed prior to 4.00pm ADST on Friday
5 December 2014

Please note that votes will remain confidential at all times. All
voting instructions and proxy forms will be collected and destroyed at
the conclusion of the AGM.

Agenda and further information

The agenda for the meeting is copied below. Further information,
including minutes and the details of the Constitutional change, are
available on the ASC website.


Confirmation of members attending, apologies
Notification of proxies
Minutes of 2013 AGM
President’s report

Discussion: ASC national conferences
Discussion: Branch management and national support during periods of
decreased activity

Treasurer’s report

presentation of statement of accounts
determination of annual membership fee
determination of capitation to be returned to branches
determination of honoraria
appointment of auditor
appointment of public officer
discussion of part-time General Manager’s position
preview of 2015 budget

Election of 2015 ASC President
Motion to amend the Constitution

4.3 Membership: “Membership fees will be adjusted annually in line
with the Consumer Price Index”

Branch matters and annual reporting
Announcement of ASC Grants Program recipients
Any other business

Sarah Lau [slau at chemcentre.wa.gov.au]

ASC National Secretary

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