[ASC-list] Fwd: [PSCI-COM] Are you a science blogger? Get $7.00 or free art for taking my Survey

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This survey may be of interest to ASC members. 

See details below. 


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> From: Paige Brown <pbrow11 at TIGERS.LSU.EDU>
> Date: 3 December 2014 3:08:19 am AEDT
> Subject: [PSCI-COM] Are you a science blogger? Get $7.00 or free art for taking my Survey
> Reply-To: "psci-com: on public engagement with science" <PSCI-COM at JISCMAIL.AC.UK>
> Are you a science blogger? Get $7.00 or free art for taking my survey about your science blogging practices! This survey is being conducted for my PhD research.
> Survey link: http://bit.ly/MySciBlog
> Thanks,
> -Paige Brown Jarreau
> -- 
> Paige Brown Jarreau
> PhD Candidate, Manship School of Mass Communication
> Louisiana State University 
> paigebrownjarreau.strikingly.com
> Community Manager, SciLogs.com
> Nature Network | Nature Publishing Group Blogger, From The Lab Bench Blog.
> Science Journalist and Photographer, http://paigesphotos.photoshelter.com/.
> PhD Student, Manship School of Mass Communication, Louisiana State University
> M.S. Biological & Agricultural Engineering, Louisiana State University
> E-mail: pbrow11 at tigers.lsu.edu
> Work/Cell: 317-201-0092
> Twitter: @FromTheLabBench
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