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Merryn McKinnon merryn.mckinnon at anu.edu.au
Thu Feb 6 00:05:47 UTC 2014

Dear ASC-listers,

I too echo congratulations to all involved for a highly worthwhile conference.

Just picking up on the communities of interest part of Niall's email below, there is an Education special interest group which formed late last year. We are small but diverse, and all round good eggs really.

Currently we have agreed to meet via Google Hangout (semi-)regularly and we share ideas, research, best practice and are likely to collaborate in these areas in future. We cover the formal and informal realms of science education, and the many ways in which education "occurs".

If you are working in and/or interested about education within science communication, why not join us? All backgrounds/interests are welcome. Feel free to send me an email and I'll add you in to the group.


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Date: Thursday, 6 February 2014 10:18 AM
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Subject: [ASC-list] The ASC conference

Dear Claire and Kali,

Congratulations on a fantastic ASC conference. It was a real step up from the last conference.

For me what made the difference was that it was a much more outward looking event. You attracted a diverse community of participants and a fantastic mix of speakers with everyone we'd expect to see, plus a whole bunch of new pals from business, venture capital, industry leaders etc.

It gives the ASC a great platform to build on for the next two years. I look forward to hearing more of the committee's plans to build distinct communities of interest with the wider ASC community. I'm keen to help that happen with journalists. I look forward to seeing what other ideas/groups emerge.

Kind regards,



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