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Are you a postgraduate researcher in science communication?

Are you planning to attend the PCST Conference in Salvador, Brazil, 5-8 May 2014?

Here is another reason to come to the 13th International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference, on 5-8 May 2014, in Salvador, Brazil. This meeting will be an opportunity to hear what has been going on in postgraduate research in our sector and to share experiences and information with fellow postgraduate researchers.

Many postgraduate researchers are working alone or in small groups in their institutions and could benefit from wider contacts. The meeting aims to support postgraduate researchers in science communication by developing contacts between them and strengthening the association with the PCST network that organises the PCST conferences.

The meeting will discuss trends and issues in recent postgraduate research in science communication. Participants will be invited to speak about their current projects and the meeting will provide opportunities for networking among postgraduate researchers.

To register (free of charge) for this pre-conference meeting, send an email to pcst.postgrad at gmail.com<mailto:pcst-postgrad at gmail.com> containing a description of your own research in 200 words; name of your institution, department and supervisor(s); stage of research, e.g. year 3, PhD.

The primary language of the meeting will be English. Depending on the distribution of participants, we may use Portuguese and Spanish also. Please submit your project summary in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

Details of the meeting's final agenda will be confirmed to those who register in this way. Register early to be sure of a place. We will close registrations on 28 February.
Brian Trench - PCST Scientific Committee; co-editor, Handbook of Public Communication of Science and Technology, (Routledge, 2nd edition, 2014); Vanessa Brasil - Universidade Federal of Rio de Janeiro and Museu da Vida, Brazil;  Maarten van der Sanden - Assistant professor, Science Communication, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands.

For further information on the PCST Conference, visit www.pcst-2014.org<http://www.pcst-2014.org/>

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