[ASC-list] #ASC14 SOCIAL MEDIA DEBATE! It happens in one week

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Mon Jan 27 01:16:04 UTC 2014

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram - social media has landed in our
lives, transforming the way we communicate and connect with new and larger
audiences. But it's also a world occupied by anonymous trolls, aggressive
flamers and short attention spans. Now everyone's got an opinion and a soap
box to spruik it on. Is social media a hero for science communication -
better allowing communicators to connect, share research, and promote open
public dialogue and debate? Or is it a villain - tempting us to
oversimplify, get distracted by flame wars, and lose sight of wider

Are you heading to #ASC14 - only week till kick off.

This year one of the most talked about events (and I am not all bias :-P) is
the debate to end all debates about social media and its role in science.

While six savvy science communicators will go tweet to tweet in a debate for
our times that doesn't mean you can't get involved now - let us know your
thoughts on this topic by posting to the ASC conference website here
-ian-mcdonald/> .

So, what do you think?

Is social media helping us engage new audiences or is it just an annoying
extra task you need to add to your already busy schedules?

Tell us about your social media experiences - the good ones and the bad

So at 5PM in Brisbane on Monday the 1st of February, will the debate end? We
will finally answer the question? Or will it open a can of worms that will
continue on and on and on...

Looking forward to it and lots of other exciting seminars, presentations and
events at #ASC14.


Social media debate session producer

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