[ASC-list] 20 years of Science Communciation in Australia, and looking forwards to seeing you in Brisbane next week

Jenni Metcalfe jenni at econnect.com.au
Wed Jan 29 12:11:50 UTC 2014

Colleagues, a little history and a welcome to Brisbane next week


January, 1994

20 years ago a number of us were preparing for a meeting in early
February to discuss the formation of the Australian Science
Communicators. Gathering to the fray were people like Alison Leigh (then
exec producer ofQuantum, the forerunner to Catalyst), Julian Cribb (then
science writer for The Australian), Toss Gascoigne (then a journalist
working for corporate CSIRO), Lindsay Bevege (CSIRO's then Corporate
Affairs Manager), and the late Ian Andersen (then Australian editor of
New Scientist).


It was an exciting time and things were starting to happen in Australia
with science communication. Personally, I had just returned from a
6-month CSIRO overseas study award  in the US studying risk
communication. Following on from this, Toss Gascoigne, Wendy Parsons
(from whom I learnt most things about science communication) and I bid
successfully at the Montreal Public Communication of Science and
Technology (PCST) conference to hold the first such conference in
Melbourne in 1996. And so, ASC was born and continues to thrive.


February, 2014

To find out more about the history of science communication in Australia
and NZ come along to the session at the ASC conference on Tuesday 4th
Feb at 1.15pm (room B2) and hear Toss Gascoigne, Ian Lowe and Jean
Fleming discuss the pivotal moments.


And about Econnect

Brisbane is Econnect Communication's home town, and we welcome you to
what we believe to be the most liveable part of the globe - from our
offices in West End, a 10 minute walk from the conference venue, to the
Sunshine Coast hinterland where two of our team live.


All of our consultants are participating in the conference and you can
catch up with us in sessions at the conference and at our conference
booth. Ask us about the wonderful projects we did during the past 12
months - from researching and writing about climate adaptation case
studies in the Pacific to producing a new website on rural bioenergy -


Econnect Communication has been bringing science to life through science
communication for more than 18 years.  Subscribe to our free monthly
newsletter of science communication tips
<http://www.econnect.com.au/publications/newsletters/> .


And back to 1992

When I was still at CSIRO I worked with Toss Gascoigne to develop a
media skills workshop especially for scientists. Now 22 later, we're
still running these media skills workshops
along with presentation
<http://www.econnect.com.au/workshops/presenting-science/> ,
, writing <http://www.econnect.com.au/workshops/writing-for-the-reader/>
, and engagement
skills workshops. We also run workshops
helping scientists and communicators to plan their communication. In the
past year, we have run science communication workshops across the globe
from Perth, to Pakistan to Papua New Guinea. We don't run scheduled
workshops, but prefer to tailor our workshops to the specific needs of
our clients.


Looking forwards to meeting up with old and new ASC friends next week.



Jenni Metcalfe

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