[ASC-list] Sourcing science-based debates of the future

Bronwyn Terrill bronwyn_terrill at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 30 12:31:28 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues
As part of the session
on How we can learn from the
science-based public debates of the past (and present) and use that knowledge
to shape those of the future? (#W5) on the Wednesday of
ASC2014, Drs Will Grant and Craig Cormick will be asking 'what if?' to
redesign some science-based public debates of the past and present.
In this session, we'll also
be workshopping debates we are likely to encounter in the future, and applying
our insight from the past to them. But we need crowd-sourced fodder for the
future: we're seeking your ideas about the science-based debates that will be
discussed at sci-comm gatherings in the years to come (Bigger Big Data? Excess
of misinformation? Humanoid androids? Invasive security...?) Let us know what
you think will be a big issue.
Just pop on over to http://bit.ly/1d9zKXc or https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Rq_ouPxolqo9n51VJt3hCyak3qZ_8bs7gwvcREOVW6Y/viewform to air your ideas. Then join us at the session — and vye for a guest-place on
the panel — so that we can push these scenarios (and this session format) to
the limit!
See you there (hopefully).
Bronwyn, Craig and Will
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