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Kathleen Hayes kath.hayes at live.com
Tue Jul 8 01:27:09 UTC 2014

Here's an opportunity for female scientists to talk about their work and/or interests on a radio show in Melbourne! They're looking for people through July-September.

Details below.



My name is Steph and I am an ex-scientist with a weekly show on community radio called “Is Nothing Sacred?”. 
Our show mostly focuses on politics and current affairs but I am keen to include more science content. 
I have also just found out about recent research showing that the
 “experts” consulted by journalists are much more likely to be men*, so I
 am starting a small project to help close the gender gap while 
increasing public knowledge of science.

 am looking for female scientists, science students or science 
communicators to be interviewed for a new segment on our show called 
This segment will feature current research, a new project, or something science-related that is of public interest. 
It can be your own research, a topic you’ve been reading about, 
or a science concept that you feel is often misunderstood by 
The most important thing is that the content is interesting and accessible for a general audience without a science background. 
My co-host and I will interview you for 10 – 15 minutes either live on air or as a pre-recorded segment.

 return for your efforts, you’ll get radio experience with a friendly 
host, air-time to talk about something you find interesting, and the 
knowledge that you are supporting science literacy. 
Plus, radio is fun!  The station is Joy94.9 on Bourke St in the city.

For more info, please email
steph.amir at gmail.com or text me on 0438 371 296.



*Here is a New Matilda article to show you what I mean: newmatilda.com/2013/12/05/have-we-achieved-gender-equality-media
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