[ASC-list] Seeking PR & Social Media VOLUNTEER - National Mental Health Campaign

GeneGenieMedia -Daniella Goldberg daniella at genegeniemedia.com.au
Mon Jul 21 05:21:58 UTC 2014

Hi ASC members,

I am seeking a VOLUNTEER who would like to gain experience in an exciting
public health PR & social media campaign - NATIONAL HAT DAY
alia.www.hatday.com.au>  - to raise awareness and fun-draise for mental
health research.  

If you are keen to be part of a team working on this national public health
awareness campaign and have some experience in social media, please contact
me asap ­ daniella at genegeniemedia.com.au

Kind regards,

Daniella Goldberg PhD, Gene Genie Media

Friday October 10 2014 is Hat Day <http://www.hatday.com.au/> , the
fun-draising day where you wear a hat and make a donation to help shine a
light on mental illness in Australia.
Hat Day events are planned this year around Australia with events ranging
from morning or afternoon tea, BBQ's, corporate fundraising events, Boat
Cruises, Rotary community trivia nights.
This year, you must register your event on-line and  set up your very own
Hat Day event page will be set up where people can make a donation to this
wonderful cause. You¹ll be able to set a ŒHat¹s Off¹ target to reach and
watch the progress.
100% of the money raised for Hat Day goes to research into helping those
affected by depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and many other illnesses.
Hat Day is an initiative of Australian Rotary Health, one of the largest
non-government funders of mental illness research in Australia.
Hat Day 2014 is to be the springboard to launch a new national initiative
focused on the prevention of mental health disorders
Watch this Hat Day TV advertisement...

Kind Regards,

Daniella Goldberg
Director, Gene Genie Media


Daniella Goldberg PhD
Director, GeneGenie Media
Mob: 0416 211 067
PO Box 327 Kingsford 2032 NSW
Eml: daniella at genegeniemedia.com.au
Twitter: @genegeniemedia
www. Genegeniemedia.com.au

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