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Dear ASC-Listers,

If you are interested in Technical Communication you might be pleased to
know that ASC members receive discounted entry to the following event being
held by the Australian Society for Technical Communication (NSW) in Sydney
on the 19th June.

Various related pieces of information included below in case you'd like to
dig deeper about the day and/or speakers.

If you do go, please let us know, it would be great to hear more about it.




*Dr. JoAnn Hackos, live, in Sydney, for one day only.  19th June 2014*

JoAnn Hackos asked if we would like to spend the day with her to talk
about *Technical
Communication in the 21st Century*.  The main topics will be single
sourcing, content management strategies and the role of social media in
documentation.  Each session will be 40 minutes of JoAnn sharing her
experiences, methods, techniques and research with 20 minutes for questions
and answers.  There will also be a discussion panel lead by JoAnn with four
senior Australian Technical Communicators discussing *Tools for the 21st
Century*and 20 minutes for questions and answers.

If you know JoAnn, you won’t miss this day.  If you don’t know JoAnn, you
don’t want to miss this day.

What will be the experience on this day?

At 9 a.m. on June 19, 2014, a mix of business people and Technical
Communicators begin one of those most memorable days of our careers: a day
with Dr. JoAnn Hackos.

As JoAnn is speaking, we hear the enthusiasm and the passion from her years
at the forefront of every major trend in our profession.  As usual, JoAnn
shares her experiences, her methods, her techniques and her research.  We
hear all that knowledge and wisdom focusing on what is going to happen
shortly in our working lives.  Fortunately, we have plenty of time for
questions.  JoAnn has that rare and magical gift of crystallising questions
that have been floating half-formed since we first heard the words single
sourcing and content management.

To our surprise we hear US Not For Profit companies and a few Australian
businesses are already using or asking questions about the economic
advantages of single sourcing. We realise that if the Not For Profits and
low margin markets see advantages in single sourcing, the rest of the
Australian business community must be close behind.  “How do we prepare
before that happens?” “A standards approach,” says JoAnn.  Her excitement
over the new Content Management ISO Standard she has co-authored infuses
everyone in the room.

Now we want to know how to choose the tools we need to assess for each
single sourcing project.

Steve Salter (President, STC Australia Chapter) and JoAnn start a
discussion panel about the tools for the 21st Century and everyone joins
in.  We ask so many questions!  “Which products are at each end of the
complexity scale?”  “Do all these tools play together nicely?”  “Do they
overlap?”  “What principles and features do we need to assess and test?”
 “What happens if we find we have made the wrong choice?”  “How do people
in Marketing departments, or those working in separate offices across the
country, who barely know how to use Word, learn to think and write in
topics?”  “In ten years, when single sourcing is everywhere, what will the
average Technical Communicator be doing?”


*Can you write a phrase or sentence using the words Technical Communicator
and one of the Technical Communication Suite 5
For example:
*Technical Communicators are documentation Acrobats.*
*Technical Communicators Captivate their audiences.*

[image: Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5]
team behind Adobe's Technical Communication Suite is a Leading Sponsor of
our JoAnn Hackos Day conference and they're offering a *free copy of the
Technical Communication Suite 5* *(TCS5),* in this competition with a

When you register for JoAnn Hackos Day, you will receive your conference
confirmation and the Adobe TCS5 competition slip.

Write your sentence in the space provided, staple your business card to it
and drop it in the box at the registration desk (if you forget your
competition slip, we'll have spare slips on the day).

The most interesting or creative entry will be selected on the day by the
conference organising committee and announced when we come back from lunch

The competition entries will be forwarded to Saibal Bhattacharjee, Adobe's
Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Technical Communication Suite of

Saibal will personally email you the licence key for your new TCS5 product.
You are assured of being able to opt-out of any post-conference campaigns,
however if you're using the new Technical Communication Suite 5, Adobe's
regular educational webinar announcements are worth noting.

*Registration details:* Technical Communication in the 21st Century, 19
June 2014.

[image: Adobe]
We are very pleased to announce that Adobe is one of the supporters of our
day with JoAnn.


 We are delighted and honoured to have Dr Annette Reilly joining Dr JoAnn
Hackos at our one day single sourcing and content management conference.
You may already know Dr Reilly -- if you have had anything to do with
ISO/IEC/IEEE 26511, Systems and software engineering -- Requirements for
managers of user documentation. She was the Chair of the working group that
produced that standard. And our own Daryl Colquhoun was the Project Editor
for that standard.

Annette has been given the IEEE 2014 Hans Karlsson Award. This award was
established in 1992 in memory of Hans Karlsson, chairman and father of the
IEEE 1301 family of standards. A plaque and $2,000 honorarium is presented
in recognition of outstanding skills and dedication to diplomacy, team
facilitation and joint achievement, in the development or promotion of
standards in the computer industry where individual aspirations, corporate
competition, and organizational rivalry could otherwise be counter to the
benefit of society. Eligibility is limited to present or past participants
in IEEE CS Standards activities.

Here is Annette's biography from the presentation:

Annette D. Reilly, CSDP, IEEE-CS Golden Core and Senior Member, is a
four-time winner of IEEE-CS Outstanding Contribution awards for her
leadership and development work in systems and software engineering

For fifteen years, Dr. Reilly has led the development and harmonization of
IEEE and ISO/IEC standards for systems and software engineering, software
user documentation, and IT service management.

Working diplomatically as a leader in US and international standards groups
including the Computer Society's Systems and Software Engineering Standards
Committee Management Board (S2ESC-MB) and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC7, she achieved
difficult standardization challenges—including some that had been
considered impossible. She was instrumental in fulfilling a strategic plan
for software documentation standards, carried out through a series of five
audience-oriented standards (ISO/IEC/IEEE 26511 to 26515), including IEEE's
first standard for agile projects.

Annette developed the schema and produced a highly adaptable standard for
the content of information items in systems, software, and service delivery
(ISO/IEC/IEEE 15289). She developed a ground-breaking vocabulary standard
for software and systems engineering (ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765) to update
definitions from IEEE's 25-year-old vocabulary standard with ISO's even
older one with the definitions from all current, relevant IEEE and ISO
standards and other authoritative sources, available as a free database (
www.computer.org/sevocab). She leads a large international working group to
revise the pioneering IEEE and ISO standard (2001/23026) on website
engineering and management.

Dr. Reilly is a Senior Staff member of Lockheed Martin Information Systems
& Global Solutions, with responsibilities for IT enterprise management and
technical solutions development for US and international proposals. In over
30 years with Lockheed Martin, she has held a variety of roles for proposal
management, engineering management, systems engineering, information
management, and technical documentation. She received a B.A. from Rice
University, a Ph.D. from Brandeis University, and an MIS from The George
Washington University.

On top of all that, Annette is the Chair of the ISO Committee for ISO
Standard 26531 – Content Management for Product Documentation. This is the
standard co-authored by JoAnn Hackos. So Annette is going to co-present ISO
26531 with JoAnn at our conference. How good is that?

So now we will have two Past Presidents of the STC at our conference --
JoAnn and Annette.  And we will have at least three people at the
conference who have been actively engaged in ISO standards production.

We will also have at least three Presidents and Past Presidents of the ASTC
and STC Australian Chapter at the conference.  But there are still be a few
spots left for the rest of us common people!

Plus, Annette will host a Birds Of A Feather table at lunchtime, for those
who want to chat about standards and the best way to work with them.

Where else could you possibly want to be on 19 June 2014?

Register here: http://bit.ly/1hOP8eB

We also welcome Red Hat as a conference Sponsor.

Don't forget your Adobe TCS 5 competition phrase!

Proudly presented by the Australian Society for Technical Communication
(NSW) and the Society for Technical Communication Australia Chapter.

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Kali Madden

Executive Officer, Australian Science Communicators

& ASC Conference Director 2010, 2012, 2014

office at asc.asn.au
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