[ASC-list] Free ANZAAS talk, Melbourne, Wed 18th June 6:30pm -"The formation of our Solar System"

David Vaux D.Vaux at latrobe.edu.au
Tue Jun 10 04:23:50 UTC 2014

Free, all welcome (booking not needed). Bring your friends!

Free pizza and drinks after the talk

At GTAC, located in the grounds of University High School, corner Royal Parade and Story Street, Parkville (enter off Story Street or Royal Parade)

Associate Professor  Andrew Prentice

School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University

 The formation of our Solar System:  new light shed by recent interplanetary spacecraft data and the findings of a novel mathematical theory

Wednesday 18th June 2014, 6:30 pm
In this lecture I discuss the formation of our solar system and show how much of its detailed structure that has been uncovered by NASA’s fleet of interplanetary of spacecraft can be explained by the author’s modern Laplacian theory. Both the planetary system and the satellite systems of Jupiter and Saturn condensed from families of orbiting gas rings that had been cast off 4.5 billion years ago by the spinning clouds which contracted to form the Sun and these two gas giant planets.  Saturn’s largest moon Titan was probably captured from a solar orbit. I also discuss how Pluto and its largest moon Charon were formed, including the 4 recently-discovered smaller moons whose existence I had predicted 20 years ago.
A/Prof Prentice is a mathematics educator who joined Monash University in 1972, after obtaining a doctorate in theoretical astrophysics from Oxford University. It was the reluctance of older scientists to accept his ideas of our solar system's origin that made him realize the importance of educating young people to think objectively.

Forthcoming talks:
Wed 16th July         Prof Tim Murray, Chair of Archaeology, La Trobe University
Wed 20th August     Assoc Prof  Melanie Bahlo, Bioinformatics, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Wed 17th Sept        Professor Roger Daly, Chair, Dept. Biochemistry, Monash University

We are pleased to acknowledge the support by CSL and GTAC for the ANZAAS Melbourne science talks series

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