[ASC-list] Fwd: Variety night Info - Are you using powerpoint etc?

Philip Dooley phildooley at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 10:11:20 UTC 2014

3 Wise Monkeys Pub - 555 George St Sydney
6.30 for 7 PM. All welcome, it's free!

Bring your nerdy friends who don't get out much!

Physics like you have never experienced it before, each act is eight
minutes of colour sound and EXCITEMENT!!

* It’s getting hot in here : Christie McMonigal from UTS, and
Astronomers without Borders, lights up the room with some incandescent

* Magic is Real – It’s called Quantum Physics , Solomon Freer from
UNSW shows us quantum’s tricks, so unbelievable you’ll know they’re

* iPeed on the iPad: Is your pre-schooler addicted to the iPad? Are
they teaching themselves about Laplace's invariable plane? BYO
handheld and let Simon Crook (USyd) show you the app!

* Why Grass should be Purple – Phil Dooley shows you that science
don’t need no facts or truth.

* Show me your Particulars – Paul Sztajer (See-Through Studios)
unleashes the high energy physics game Particulars on us.

* Physics/Life balance Astronomer Jess Bloom (USyd) will balance the
two-body equation, live on stage.

* Everything you need to know about quantum computing Forget lectures
and exams. Peter Rohde (Macquarie) will teach you quantum computing,
from Einstein, to Feynman, to D-Wave - and transform you into a
world-class physicist in 8 minutes.

* Harvesting of Prunus Avium, Phil Dooley takes the agro-economic
approach to IPCC5

* Bizarre Quantum Keith Motes (Macquarie) will unravel the
Schrödinger's cat paradox: Copenhagen, consciousness, and multiple

* Physics Hacks, or How to succeed at Physics without trying Chris
Stewart, (USyd) wants us to forget hard work and talent — learn the
secret tricks guaranteed to get you shaking hands with Swedish Royalty
this Nobel season.

Be there AND be square!!

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