[ASC-list] Not Bechdel, but Finkbeiner

Philip Dooley phildooley at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 11:30:30 UTC 2014

The criteria I was thinking of constitute the Finkbeiner test.  ( I
thought it was the Bechdel test, an earlier less specific version)

To pass an article must not mention:

The fact that she’s a woman
Her husband’s job
Her child care arrangements
How she nurtures her underlings
How she was taken aback by the competitiveness in her field
How she’s such a role model for other women
How she’s the "first woman to..."
 (from Wikipedia, of course)

I was thinking of this in relation to the announcement at ANU of a
female Dean for Engineering and IT.

It's heartening news that there is such a good a female role model out
there, yet to mention this risks failing the Finkbeiner test...   (see
the Canberra Times coverage:

Thoughts, O ASC hive-mind?


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