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The PCST Network has gone democratic!

For the first time, the 28 members of the Scientific Committee will be elected.  Four places are reserved for those under the age of 35, a chance for younger Australians.

The new PCST web site is now live:  http://www.pcst.co

This is a big change for our network, which is now an incorporated body with formal rules and a membership structure.  We will soon be holding an election for members of the Scientific Committee. 

Becoming a member of the PCST Network
A membership application form is on our new website.  We encourage all of you who have attended PCST Conferences or who are interested in the work of the PCST Network to apply.  Membership applications are now open!

There will be a subscription to become a member of the Network.  For a 2-year membership (from one conference to the next), the fee will be either $US30 or $US15.  The $30 subscription is for people living in the 30 richest countries, and the $15 subscription for all other countries.  We used an International Monetary Fund list, and this is published on the new web site.  The first step is to fill in the membership application form.

Electing the new Committee
The Committee will be elected by members of the PCST Network.  It will have 28 people: eight drawn from those normally resident in the Americas and Africa; eight from Europe; eight from Asia and Australasia; and four from any geographical area but who are under the age of thirty-five on the date of the election.  

This is an exciting opportunity for ordinary members to stand for election to the Committee, and have a voice in how our international forum will operate.   To stand for election or to vote, you must be a member of the Network.  The next step is to complete the nomination form.  This will be open soon.

The election will be held early in May, with all voting on-line.  All new members of the PCST Network will log on to their account and vote electronically.

Bidding to host a PCST Conference
The new web site also has details on how to apply to host a PCST conference or symposium.  It has a brief history of the PCST Network, from the first conference in Poitiers in 1988; and a copy of the PCST constitution, and details on the PCST discussion list.

Comments and feedback
We'd be interested to hear what you think of the new website.  Please send comments to me at: president at pcst.co

Toss Gascoigne

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