[ASC-list] Opinions on stock photo subscriptions? are they necessary?

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Thanks Kirsten

Posted to the list for everyone's information.

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Subject: Re: [ASC-list] Opinions on stock photo subscriptions? are they	necessary?

Hi Ian,
I use Flickr and do an image search for images the thane been released under a creative commons license.  Usually can get any photo that I'd need that way.
I also then leave a courtesy comment letting the photographer know that I used their image under their license and thanking them (with a link to where I used it if available).
Hope that helps,Kirsten
On 03/03/2014, at 1:12 PM, Ian M. wrote:Hi all,

I had a subscription to shutterstock which just ran out and am contemplating to renew or not but before I do was going to put it out as a discussion topic.

What stock photo sites do other people use?What are the associated costs? Cheaper the better for me as I work for a not for profit.
Are subscriptions even necessary or can you get away with not needing to purchase images by using creative commons, wiki commons etc.

Interested to hear thoughts.

I am possibly not the only one who is interested in this so try and reply to the list if you can.

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