[ASC-list] On ScomBomb this week: "Take 2!"

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This week on ScomBomb, we have re-grabbed Randy Olson.

When we first booked Randy, keen followers of ScomBomb will know that there was Hollywood diary glitch forcing him to reschedule.

This week he’s feeling suitably guilty, so we are pretty danged confident we will be yacking with him at 3:00 pm (ADST) this Thursday.

Optimistic Cheers,
Rodneyrick and Billhelm

***The Spiel***

What happens when a tenured marine biology professor has a mid-life crisis, quits academia, and goes to film school?

Do you get the world’s most interesting marine biologist? Perhaps the worlds most boring film maker?

Actually, you get Randy Olson.

You may have heard of this guy. He wrote a book called “Don’t be Such a Scientist”. He’s also made a few movies –  like “Sizzle: a global warming comedy” and “Flock of Dodos: the evolution-intelligent design circus”.

But perhaps the best thing he’s done so far is borrow the storytelling secrets from a world famous documentary series on the Colorado primary education system (aka South Park) and apply it to the sci-comm world.

Next on SCOMBOMB, we shoot the breeze with Randy as he sips margarita’s on his couch in LA and ask him if being a Hollywood playboy is better than filming starfish screwing.

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