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Posted on behalf of the Australasian Medical Writers 
AMWA Victoria May networking event 
When: Monday 12 May at 6pm 
Where: Embiggen Books, 197-203 Lt Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. 
Hear: Author and medico Dr Howard Goldenberg discuss how to find and give life to the story inside and becoming published 
Entry is free.  
Join AMWA Vic members for dinner at Father’s Office, 249 Lt Lonsdale St, following 
Howard’s talk. 
For information and to RSVP for dinner booking, email:  L.E. Ohman, 
pdp at medicalwriters.org or Jacinta Miller, membership at medicalwriters.org 
More about Dr Howard Goldenberg 
Howard Goldenberg is a doctor, writer, marathon runner and Olympic torchbearer. He has written two non-fiction books, My Father’s Compass (2007) and Raft (2009). Both non-fiction books were released to great acclaim. Howard has featured as a presenter at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival 2009, in The Australian, and interviewed by Phillip Adams on Late Night Live. 
Howard has just released his first novel Carrots and Jaffas, the story of two 
red-headed identical twins, set in Melbourne and the Flinders Ranges. Through the story the reader encounters the twins’ parents – the emotional, scripture-quoting Luisa and the calm Bernard – as well as two remarkable storytellers, Doc, an eccentric outback doctor and Greta, an Aboriginal elder. Trauma is followed by recovery through the unexpected agency of story and ‘country’ (in the Australian Aboriginal meaning of that term).

L.E. Ohman, PhD
Freelance medical writer
AMWA Education subcommittee chair
 0408 318 907

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