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If I may be permitted to pass on some advertising and promotional material, I do believe that Jamie Dunbar's whimsical Universe Verse is an extraordinarily creative form of science communication. I would love to see it promoted, and especially used in our schools to help make science engaging to students. Please help to spread the word.

By way of disclosure, I have known the author's father for many years.




The Universe Verse is now available
on Amazon (where it could sure use a nice review by YOU!)

As of November 1st The Universe Verse is officially published and available to the public! You canorder it on Amazon, although if you do want to buy it I'd much prefer you order it from my website where I will happily match or beat any price Amazon might offer.
But what I would LOVE for you to do is go to The Universe Verse listing on Amazon and leave a review. It needn't be long to be helpful and you can always go back and edit it or add more later.
Thanks to many of you, Book 1 of the Universe Verse, BANG!, has, over the years, accumulated a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon with 26 reviews! That's led to a steady supply of new customers. If I can get some of that going on with The Universe Verse (especially in time for the holidays) it's going to be super-helpful. 
As of now there is one 5-star review (woohoo!) from a gentleman who recently took advantage of my bulk pricing and ordered 18 copies at a discount of 60% off.
I've never met him and I was curious as to who he was, why he wanted so many books and how he'd learned of my work so I emailed him to ask. His reply (pasted in below) warmed my heart so thoroughly that I asked if he would consider writing the very first review of The Universe Verseon Amazon and he was kind enough to comply.
So please, be like Bhupinderand write a review on Amazon. And then think about ordering a big stack of books (10 or more) for your friends and family,at 60% off the cover price. You could finish your holiday shopping right now, ahead of schedule and under-budget.
The Universe Verse is also in stock at Baker & Taylor and Ingram, two of the largest book distributors in the world. That means that any bookstore or library can easily order the book. So if you'd like to support your local bookstore or you borrowing book s for free from your library please tell them you'd like them to carry The Universe Verse, by James Lu Dunbar. (It may help if you can tell them the ISBN: 978-1-888047-25-7)
Let me know if you have any questions.
Many thanks,

Quick Links
The Universe Verse on Amazon
Video Version
Making Of
Special Thanks

Bulk, Educational and Fanclub Discounts 
If you are interested in purchasing multiple copies I'm happy to offer bulk discounts: 30% off for 3 or more (coupon code: threeUV), 40% off for 5 or more (code: fiveUV) and 60% off for 10 or more (tenUV). 
 60% off is also the educational discount I'm offering to schools & classroom teachers so if you know of any educators who might be interested please let them know. They can use the code "teacher" to save 60%.

And while the Early Bird discount has expired, I've decided to create a new coupon code for anyone to use, valid all the way till December 31st 2015. Just enter the coupon code "fanclub" to save 20% on copies of The Universe Verse. That should make it cheaper than Amazon.

Be like Bhupinder!
He ordered 18 books, wrote the first Amazon review and thoroughly warmed my heart with this touching email:

Hi Jamie,

A friend sent me a link to one of the PDFs a few years ago, before you started the kickstarter campaign.  I think at that point you only had Bang and It's Alive on your website.  I read them and thought they were absolutely amazing.  I've read all of your books to my children (7, 11 and 14 at the time) and they all love it.  (Bang! is a bit tough for a 7 year old, but he gets some of it.)

Your work is just excellent.  I'm an engineer and patent attorney and I work with a lot of technical people.  I've told all of them about these books and pointed them to the PDFs when they were free.  All of them were impressed with your work.

I was very happy to sponsor the kickstarter campaign and don't let anyone touch my signed copy.

The 18 books are going to be divvied up a few ways.  Three for the kids to each have their own personal copies.  About 5 as Christmas presents for my team at work.  Some I'll send to clients who will appreciate the book.  I'll probably hold on to a few to give to people later on. 

You deserve all the recognition you are getting.  Frankly, I'm surprised that a publisher didn't jump on this book a long time ago.  I know you had to work hard to get to this point, but if there is a silver lining for an observer like me, I think your journey has brought a lot of attention to the books, at least among science and technology people.  I guess the next challenge is to appeal to the masses.  

I hope you sell millions of them.  Frankly, every school should have a few copies.  For me, the essential learning for children is that science is interesting and accessible, from both an intellectual and an information perspective.  It doesn't have to be boring and seemingly irrelevant.

I want to thank you for writing these books and for making them available initially for free and now at very reasonable prices. 


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