[ASC-list] What do you think are the biggest water issues facing Australia now?

Tanya McLachlan-Troup mclachlan.troup at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 08:36:04 UTC 2014

Australia managed to lurch through the millenium drought, albeit at huge
social and economic cost especially to rural communities.  Massive changes
to how we viewed water and the security we felt about its continued
abundance. The Water ACT arrived in 2007, there were huge expenditures on
infrastructure to secure water supplies for communities, de-sal,
groundwater reserves, recycling  and social engineering with education
campaigns, water restrictions, water reforms, water efficiency, nagging
your kids to turn off the taps, dams, dams, and more dams, the National
Water Commission, the Murray Darling Basin, water sharing plans,
environmental water, Water Holders, water allocations , water quality,
water resources. Then the Queensland floods...then more floods...and water
water everywhere...

Now the dust is finally settling on National Science Week's exploits and
you think you might be catching a breather,  we slowly segue to National
Water Week  (19-25 October) in the face of another El Nino to parch our
thirsty land. Thinking over the past few years of change, I want you all to
ponder what is most important about water in Australia 2014. What are the
most important water related issues across the country, big stories and
small, and why?

Thanks for your input - here's hoping we get some good dialogue going!

Dr Tanya McLachlan-Troup

Water Information Section
Bureau of Meteorology
Hobart, Tasmania
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