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Isn't it wonderful, the power of prime time TV?

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Good to see both the SMH and The Australian editorialising about science this week.

But what a difference!

The Oz was critical of the ABC, because it thought the Q&A panelists from Monday night's show were too negative (they failed, for instance, to mention the proposed $20 billion Medical Research Innovation Fund notionally funded by the $7 doctor-visit levy).

The headline in the Australian was "Scientists need to be more innovative about funding".  It chided scientists for not doing a better job selling the virtues of a career in science, and urged them to " do better in explaining the fascinating opportunities their profession offers".

The SMH heading, in contrast, was: "Science for a better society and a stronger economy

It said we needed a "vision for the future", continuity of funding and collaboration with industry; and recommended the government accept Ian Chubb's new national science strategy.

The full text is at:



Then you can decide whether to laugh or cry.....

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