[ASC-list] Grant opportunity for Gamified Virtual Laboratory Simulations

Maaroof maaroof at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 11:50:14 UTC 2015

Hi ASCers,

I work with a Danish science education group who make advanced gamified lab
simulations being used at Harvard, UC Berkeley, MIT, Hong Kong Uni among
others internationally, and were published about in Nature Biotechnology
showing 101% improved learning outcomes and increased motivation and
engagement for students. We have a grant opportunity that I'd like to share
with our network:

*Labster virtual laboratory simulation grant*
Award-winning Danish virtual laboratory simulation education group Labster
<http://www.labster.com/> has an exciting grant co-financing opportunity
for universities and schools interested in utilising the next generation of
immersive gamified virtual laboratories in their teaching. The grants are
primarily aimed at those working at institutions interested in custom-made
virtual lab simulations tailored for their teaching courses, but get in
touch if you're also interested in our current modules for your University
or school as we do have a number of other subsidies available. See this
short video: http:// <http://goog_77967067/>bit.ly/1EIG8CL

Details of the Labster Grant and Appendix 1 - Nature Biotechnology article
(July, 2014) about Labster's effects on learning, motivation and engagement
of students studying science are:
*Grant*: http:// <http://goog_77967065/>bit.ly/1DqMxlS
*Appendix 1 - Nature Biotech paper about Labster*: http://

Please get in touch if you have any questions and note the deadline of *15th
each month* for allocation of grant funding. maaroof at labster.com

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