[ASC-list] Beware: outdated emails appearing on the list. Check send dates.

Kali Madden office at asc.asn.au
Thu Dec 3 03:17:28 UTC 2015

Hello List,

Sorry about the torrent (for some!) of outdated emails currently arriving.

The update from the hosting company today:

*"The underlying mail program (Mailman) experienced an issue of unknown
origin that caused some messages not to be relayed. We believe the issue
has now been corrected (there may be a small number of further backdated
emails), but please let us know if you experience further issues."*

Shall we give it until early next week before reporting back to the host
with "*further issues*"?



On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 9:48 AM, Kali Madden <office at asc.asn.au> wrote:

> Dear ASC-Listers,
> Unfortunately the listserve had a glitch recently and you may notice
> emails appearing with outdated send dates.
> Please check the date before getting excited about the content of the
> emails in case the opportunity has now passed!
> Apologies to all those who have been inconvenienced by this technical
> strangeness.
> The list host has been unable to answer what went wrong or why, but has
> confirmed yesterday afternoon that all appears to now be operating normally.
> To be fair to the list support people, the lists have been running
> smoothly since 2002 with very few problems in all that time. Although an
> old technology, it has definitely been one of the more reliable ones and I
> hope that this problem remains a rarity.
> If you are ever uncertain about whether you are missing list emails (or
> just want to reflect on sci comm through the ages) you can view the full
> archives here:
> *ASC-List Archives: http://lists.asc.asn.au/pipermail/asc-list/
> <http://lists.asc.asn.au/pipermail/asc-list/>*
> *ASC-Media Archives: http://lists.asc.asn.au/pipermail/asc-media/
> <http://lists.asc.asn.au/pipermail/asc-media/>*
> These links and other useful information about managing your list
> subscriptions is available online here:
> http://www.asc.asn.au/mailing-lists/
> The ASC pays to host the lists and provides administrative support to keep
> this service running, serving thousands of science communicators for free
> as a community service.
> To post to the lists you must be a current financial member of the ASC
> (more on joining here: http://www.asc.asn.au/join/). Please consider
> joining if you value this service and wish to post to the lists in future!
> Thanks to each of you for being an important part of this diverse and
> active community.
> Best,
> Kali
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Kali Madden

Executive Officer, Australian Science Communicators

& ASC Conference Director 2010, 2012, 2014

office at asc.asn.au
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