[ASC-list] FW: Innovation agenda a turning point for Australian science

Bella Counihan Bella.Counihan at science.org.au
Mon Dec 7 02:58:00 UTC 2015


Innovation agenda a turning point for Australian science

7 December

The government’s national innovation and science agenda announced today puts science and innovation at the centre of Australia’s future, with 20 initiatives to boost research and innovation, including in education, research infrastructure, and international collaboration in science and business.

The Australian Academy of Science’s Secretary for Science Policy Professor Les Field said: “This new agenda represents a turning point. It means we can grow an economy based on our outstanding science, and which makes the best use of our significant scientific capital.”

“The Academy is delighted that the Government intends to strongly support strategic investment in Australia’s scientific research infrastructure. We also welcome the new Global Innovation Strategy which will enable Australian scientists and science to be a part of the excellent science and innovation being done around the world.

“For a long time Australia has lagged behind many other countries when it comes to commercialising ideas from universities and research organisations,” Professor Field said.

“With this agenda, the Turnbull Government has recognised that innovation is key to Australia’s future and that the ideas and knowledge produced by research are key to innovation. The Australian Academy of Science is excited at the prospect that this will be the beginning of long-term engagement between Government, researchers and industry.”

Professor Field welcomed the restoration of funding to the CSIRO and Data61. “It is great to see the Government recognising CSIRO’s unique role as the great Australian innovator that uses the best science to address Australia’s challenges,” he said.

He also welcomed the Government’s commitment to improving gender equity in science.


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