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George Aranda george.aranda at deakin.edu.au
Thu Dec 10 00:38:47 UTC 2015

I see no one replied to this.

While I don't consider myself 'advanced' in science communication. I would be interested in things like:

  *   How do you run a science communication business?
  *   How do you apply for grants?
  *   How do you get funding at a national or international scale?
  *   How can I get a Melbourne Science Festival started?
  *   Supervising students at an academic level?
  *   How does one make the move from academia to science communicating...and vice versa?
  *   What does a career of 30 years in sci-com look like?
  *   How do you get a blog to pay for itself - can you?
  *   Where will sci com be in 20 years?
  *   What is the value of sci com?
  *   How can we use sci com to change public policy?

Just some thoughts. Now back to work :0


Dr George Aranda
Science Education Research Fellow
e: george.aranda at deakin.edu.au

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Hi ASC-List,

Seeking your views on what constitutes "advanced" science communication.

It is not uncommon for the ASC conference program committee to be criticised for too many beginner to mid-level sessions on sci comm.

The old-timers want to know where are the sessions for them, when they've already been there and done that with most things a thousand or so times already.

This provokes a question: what topics do you consider to be more advanced aspects of science communication?

Who are the experts in this area that you consider advanced?

Your thoughts will be fodder for future conference & live webinar programming.



Kali Madden
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